Car Free Day (some history)

On September 22nd all car owners are offered to leave their private cars on parking lots or in the garage and, thus, celebrate Car Free Day. Its goal is to lower exhaust gas emissions in the city air even for some time, to muffle the voice of the streets so people would have an opportunity to hear each other better (the sound background on the streets free of cars, in average, lowers down by 5 decibels). In the silence drivers can think if it worth to use cars so often, because the most of trips within the city are no longer than 3 km, so it is quite possible to walk or to ride a bicycle.
For the first time the Car Free Day was held in the capital of France in 1998. The Accumulation of high amount of exhaust gases had become a serious threat for Paris residents and the Minister of Ecology offered to close old Paris town parts for the car traffic for one day. Not to cause negative consequences, this day, the additional routs for city transport were applied, the ticket price was lowered and bike rentals functioned more actively. As the result, the amount of passengers of public transport has risen for 10% and the amount of bicyclist has risen up almost three times. Thus only three districts have been proclaimed free of cars that had a great impact on the city in whole: the amount of carbon monoxide in the air that is the major polluter lowered for approximately 15% that day. The streets of the city center that usually were dark of smoke and full of din were quite. There were only pedestrians, bicyclists and electric car drivers that were allowed. 86% of local residents’ feedbacks were positive. During the following years the Car Free Day has become all-European event.
Ukraine joined Car Free day activity in 2004. The events were organized by the Information center “Green Dossier” to…
…Inspire as many people as possible to use alternative kinds of transport, particularly, legs and bicycles.
…provide cities residents with the opportunity to move and breathe freely and to hear each other better.

Since then the activities are held by different organizations all over Ukraine.