“Environmental Assessments Watch” project at Aarhus Task Force meeting

The “Environmental Assessments Watch” project was presented at the eighth meeting of the Task Force on Public Participation in Decision-Making of Aarhus Convention (Geneva, 8–9 October 2018). Project partners from ICO “Green Dossier”, Public Association “Ecohome” and BlueLink informed the Task Force participants about the first findings of the project in the field of effective public participation, in particular about availability of relevant documents to the public in the project target countries.

The project is focused at creating and testing the methodology for civil society monitoring of SEA and EIA, which are listed among priorities in the EaP programing document ”Eastern Partnership - 20 deliverables for 2020”, and building links between EaP CSF activities and relevant UN conventions, in particular Aarhus Convention.

Statement “The public participation in EIA and SEA in Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine - trends and lessons”.

Initial materials: