Green innovations for reconstruction of traditional agriculture in the Ukrainian Carpathians (2011 – 2012): training tour “people-to-people”, educational tools for practitioners

We are sure, that it is possible to support local initiatives aimed to the traditional agriculture developing and the Carpathian nature conservation using innovative approaches based on international experience, including mechanisms of a Green Economy.

We collected examples of successful small businesses based on cultural traditions and respect of nature, using modern technologies as well. There are not many of such examples, they are unusual for Ukraine, innovative, and we see them as practical examples of implementation of green economy approaches, even if those people don't think about Green Economy. Together with those people (we call them "green economy initiators") we prepared a moving training, "people-to-people" practical courses, which started in October 2011 in two neighbor Carpathian regions (village level). The trainings included investigation of local traditions and needs, possibilities for developing of successful small traditional businesses, practical examples and consultations. These trainings were focused at milk/cheese businesses, drying forest production (mushrooms, berries, herbs), environmentally friendly tourism in rural area, wooden handicrafts. Topics on environmental management, nature conservation and green economy were given as theoretical part of the trainings.

We met a number of active people in the regions, ready to use existing experience learned from the neighbors; some steps forward were already done by them after trainings. In such way we create a network of green economy initiators in the Ukrainian Carpathians. All participants of our project are sure that this experience may be used as a practical example for other mountain regions.


This project supported by MATRA program, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine. The web-site reconstruction is a part of the project.