“Innovation in Rural Tourism: Lessons of our project”

a press-club was held in the Aarhus Center of Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Representatives of educational and tourism institutions of Ukraine discussed challenges recognized by the InRuTou project, such as needs for better education for sustainable development, in particular in the field of tourism. It was underlined that a huge gap still exists between those who provide professional education for tourism and educators for sustainable development. Unfortunately, there is no special courses on sustainable development in tourism university, no courses on rural tourism, - stated the university representative. And the meaning of sustainable tourism is very unclear for the most of people, - stressed professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Mr. Karamushka. In the same time, activist of NGO “Teachers for democracy and partnership” Galyna Gupan said that “we have to cooperate in further promoting the InRuTou deliverables, for using electronic tools and online education”. InRuTou participants (Green Dossier expert Olga Ignatenko and pilot region opinion leader Mykola Blyznyuk) answered many questions on the project innovations, pedagogical approach, communities engagement, as well as about possible ways to use the project findings to improve a general situation in the fields of tourism and education for sustainable development. Representative of the Ministry, Ms. Anastasya Drapalyuk, informed that a new working group is established and starting now its’ activities on implementation of the Carpathian Convention sustainable tourism strategy, she invited participants to join the group.
The Transferability Manual and final flayer of the project (printed Ukrainian version) were presented to the participants. There was also an opportunity to recognize and taste Carpathian products labeled with a trade-mark “Taste of Ukrainian Carpathians”

Information about the press-club was shared to social media, covered by professional media.