Lessons of “Green PLatform”: ten Years after

Analysis of communication efficiency in the virtual community of environmental NGOs.


Information technologies are developing at an unprecedented rate: they are hard to catch up with if you are not following them. Nevertheless, we propose to stop and have a look back at the path that we have made over the past ten years. Perhaps, if we evaluate achievements and become aware about mistakes, the race will be not so indomitable.
Ten years ago, communication platforms for environmental NGOs of Eastern and Southern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia were created in frames of Milieukontakt projects. It was service organizations for support of communication between groups of like-minded people, thematic working groups and mailing lists. In Ukraine this phenomenon has been named «green platform».
More than forty mailing lists and thematic working groups were created during meetings and conferences on the «green platform». The GreenKІT - support system for the platform - was created by analogy and using the experience of successfully operating at that time organizations in Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.
We decided to analyze existing experience of last decade electronic mailing lists in Ukraine, and then, basing of this analysis and with the help of fellow experts from Moldova develop recommendations on promotion efective network cooperation in today’s context. Ukraine is among the top ten countries in Europe by number of Internet users. 15.3 million of Ukrainians have an access to the World Wide Web, that is about one third (33.9%) of the population. The analysis of the Internet audience in Ukraine of March 2012 shows that 48% of the population aged 15 years and above had an access to the Internet. Best possible access to the
Internet is in Kiev - 90% of the capital’s residents are Internet users.


The project implemented by ICO «Information center «Green Dossier» member of Milieukontakt International Network in frame of PSO Project «Learn / work trajectory Milieukontakt».