The goal of the project was to share best practices of civil society involvement in local sustainable development between Czech and Ukrainian civil society organizations.

The project included an exchange of experience related to the ways and mechanisms of NGOs and local community involvement in the reform process of agriculture in the Carpathian region, involvement in the process of European integration based on the requirements of two international treaties – Aarhus and Carpathian conventions (both countries are the Parties). The project assisted in moving away from communist traditions in Ukrainian Carpathians toward reconstruction of traditional businesses, destructed during Soviet and transformation times, for sustainable development of the region according to the Carpathian Convention requirements.

During the project such activities were implemented:
- study visit to the Czech Republic for 10 participants from Ukraine to White Carpathians and Beskydy Mountains;
- training workshop for target groups on sustainable development possibilities in Ukrainian Carpathians;
- evaluating workshop on development of regional brand/labelling based on experience from the Czech Republic, EU experience, in Ukrainian Carpathians;
- establishing of a network for information exchange and consultations;
- publications “Trails of sustainable development: White Carpathians-Zakarpattya-Prykarpattya”.


Project partners:
“Green Dossier”; Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, Brno, Czech Republic; Center of Public Initiatives,  Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk Reg., Ukraine.


The project was supported by the East-East Program "Partnership beyond borders", International Renaissance Foundation