Projects of sustainable agriculture development

Our activity in the field of agriculture has stated in 2003 from the creation of the first in Ukraine television documentary about organic agriculture “Where the City Ends”. Till the present time, there where implemented the series of projects and were published a number of materials about biosafety: activities to support legislation that forbid implementation of GMOs, participation in Cartagena process, holding press clubs, etc.


Among the recent projects there are:
- Green innovations for reconstruction of traditional agriculture in the Ukrainian Carpathians (2011-2012).
- Support of organic movement in Ukraine, informational and organizational support of exhibitions and fests, collaboration with key players on the market, including FIBL (Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland)
- Agriculture is a catalyst of transfer to “green economy”. Survey research in the sub-region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA). (2010-2011).
- Participation in bilateral project G2G “Harmonization of legislation and policy of agricultural territories development in Ukraine, considering EU standards; bilateral information and experience exchange”: assistance in organizing of meetings and study visits, translation of materials (2009-2011).
- Sociological research considering sustainable consuming and production in Kosiv region (the topic of food products) for UNEP publication “Sustainable consuming and production in the countries of CSE and EECCA” (2007).

Initial materials: