The public has received a monitoring tool for environmental assessment watch

Any plans or strategies for the development of territories, construction, reconstruction, etc. should be a subject to environmental assessment. Whether it is an assessment of the impact on the territory of the future facility or large strategic programs on the state level, - all of them, in accordance with international standards (Association Agreements between countries and EU or international conventions) should be subject of environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure or an environmental strategic assessment (SEA).
Are these assessments really working? Can we trust them? The practice of implementing laws on IEA and SEA in target countries shows that processes are moving very hard. Because they are actually very complicated, and because EaP countries still have lack of experience, modern expertise, lack of public interest.
In the framework of the international project "Environmental Assessment Watch (Implementation of SEA and EIA: civil society monitoring) partners from Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria analyzed the situation with environmental assessments in their countries and developed a methodology for public monitoring of environmental assessments. The methodology contains a practical part with a working application that can be used by active citizens and organisations in any EaP countries.


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