practical hints on Ukrainian-Polish co-operation in the civil society


From the preface:
“This report reflects the outcome of discussions and meetings with Polish NGOs and the experiences of Ukrainian participants during the study visit to Poland. Ukrainian participants working in the field of environment and sustainable development met several of their colleagues in Poland.
Since 1st of May 2004 Poland is EU member and Ukraine has become for the first time neighbouring the European Union. Although getting closer to the EU, entering into the EU may not be easier.”


This publication is based upon the materials of the study visit arranged for the representatives from ten Ukrainian public organisations to Poland (December 2003).
The study visit was arranged due to the «Ukrainian NGO community reaching out» Programme of the independent foundation Milieukontakt Oost-Europa from the Netherlands.
Project’s partner in Poland: Society for Nature and Man
Publishing: Information and Publishing center “Green Dossier”.
Financial support: the Social Transformation Programme Central and Eastern Europe (Matra) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kyiv, 2004