Sustainable transport development

We cannot imagine our life without transport, but transport is one of the greatest air polluters on the planet – it causes about one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. More and more cities face the problem of air pollution mostly caused by raising of the amount of private vehicles. After all, cars are the major air polluters in the cities. The part of automobile emissions in some cities is about 90% of the general atmosphere polluters. Modern cars produce the cocktail that consists of more than 200 harmful compounds.
Recently much force is directed to solve the problem of transport pollution both on governmental levels and on the level of civil activities. One of the first non-governmental activities that was found at the end of last century is Car Free Day (celebrated annually on 22 of September) is still the most famous and popular. During this day it is offered to leave private car on the parking lot and to choose more environmentally friendly means of transport or just to walk. But that doesn’t mean that you should abandon cars completely. If you cannot imagine your life without private car at all, you can try electric car. Admirers of this kind of transport have already proved that it is possible to move without affecting environment by going round the World in 80 days driving these wonder cars.


“Green Dossier” took part in this and other activities quite few times.
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