Jules Verne's dream of traveling around the world in 80 days has come true long time ago. But is it possible to drive around the world the cars that produce no harmful emissions?
The longest and the greenest trip in the human history started in summer of 2010 and breaking 28 000 km of roads of Europe, Asia, North America and Africa ended on February 28, 2011. The race’s main goal was to show that electric car is a reliable and effective vehicle, that is able go through deserts, over mountains no matter the condition of road and weather is.
Louis Palmer, the race’s organizer, is the first person to go around the world on a “sun” automobile, and is a holder of European Solar Prize. “We wanted to show that seven billions of people of our planet need renewable energy and pure mobility, - says Louis Palmer. – The time of gasoline fuel runs out and the climate crisis is getting closer – we all live in contradiction to time”…
In Ukraine the ZERO Race went through Chop, Skole, Brody, Novohrad-Volybskiy, Kyiv and Baturyn. It was followed by meetings, with local residents, government and Mass media. It is even hard to imagine the surprising of Ukrainians that met us in Ukrainian cities and villages or right on the roads (stoppings, taking photos, endless questions) because these cars look completely different then usual.
“The success of negotiations depends on the amount of people that realize the necessity to act for more balanced life, - says Louis Palmer. –Increasing of traffic and environment prolusion are the problems that have to be solved. ZERO Race demonstrates realistic ways to cleaner and greener future for the planet and its habitants. Our cars are able to make 500 km per day on any roads, i.e. they can become regular urban transport”.
Today the WAVE (races on electric cars) goes by Europe, Africa, Asia, Northern America. We hope that it will return to Ukraine and Ukrainian electric car drivers and owners will be able to show their achievements in this field.
Photos of races by “Green Dossier” – ZERO Race coordinator in Ukraine.